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2018 Reunion Chairs

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    Reunion Chairs are an integral part of Alumnae Weekend each year.  They begin working closely with Advancement Office staff a year before their reunion, writing letters, sending email, and communicating through social media in order to get the word out about reunion and the hope that many will return to reconnect with MHS and each other.
  • 1943--75th Reunion

  • 1948--70th Reunion

    Verna Damon Matthews
    Jane Grove Murphy
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  • 1953--65th Reunion

  • 1958--60th Reunion

    Nancy Dow Grover
    Polly Deming Ledyard
    Kate Bicknell Luzius
    Marby McGraw Sparkman
    Tjasa Krofta Sprague
    Robin Brown Woods 
  • 1963--55th Reunion

    Mary Sethness Arnold
    Wendy Sprole Bangs
    Judy Graves Clarke
    Christine Whipple Farrington
    Ilene Rubin Fish
    Joy Winder Ford
    Abbie Breene Hubert
    Sandy Perkins
    Nancy Thompson
  • 1968--50th Reunion

    Susie Howard Canada
    Joanne DuBosque
    Elspeth Savage McClelland
    Patricia Peters
    Betsey Purinton
    Clara Read
    Susan Simon
    Felicity Tuttle

  • 1973--45th Reunion

    Jane Tracy Ahrens
    Nancy Gustafson Ault
    Jennifer Gregory Ely
    Angela Fowler
    Cindy Sitzer Packard
    Lori Richard Reidel
    Carolyn Harris Rowe
  • 1978--40th Reunion

    Heidi Dittloff
    Ann Emory
    Alisha Arnold Foster 
    Nancy Reistad George
    Miriam Hamdallah
    Caroline King
    Chrissie MacFadyen
    Annie Garretson Milliron
    Tabbie Pickett-Vahle
  • 1983--35th Reunion

    Nancy Higgins Andrew
    Mary Atwood
    Stacey Hardy
    Steven Sprague
  • 1988--30th Reunion

    Judy Kittredge Anderson
    Kate Coughlin Dahmen
    Gretchen Royle Evans
    Pam Yudin Foley 

  • 1993--25th Reunion

    Emma Clagett Canarick
    Allison Scherer Schatz
    Meghan Williams

  • 1998--20th Reunion

    Yvette Losaw
    Sawyer Pouliot
    Kate Szpila

  • 2003--15th Reunion

    Michelle Hsieh
    Tanya Rotolo
  • 2008--10th Reunion

    Okichie Davis
    Alex Schwinn
  • 2013--5th Reunion

    Rachel Baumgarten
    Rosie Ettinger
    Lexi Sprague 

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