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MHS in Italy - Summer 2017

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Josephine Nicholson
Chair of Trip Committee &
Global Programs Liaison

Ancient Rome: Art, Archaeology, and Daily Life

DATES: Saturday, June 17- Wednesday, June 28

CHAPERONES: Dr. Sarah Nix (leader), Ellie Spangler

The Romans ruled an empire that stretched from Spain and Morocco in the west to Iraq in the east, from England in the north to Egypt and Arabia in the south. The city of Rome was the political, economic, and cultural center of this empire. In this ten-day exploration, we will be studying the art, architecture, and daily life of ancient Rome, through visits to archaeological sites and museums, but also by wandering the streets of the modern city, where we will come upon pieces of the ancient embedded in the modern. We will be investigating the most significant monuments and artifacts of Rome’s zenith, including the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Baths of Caracalla, and through investigation of these sites in their original contexts, we will gain a window into the daily lives of the Romans, as well as an appreciation for what the Romans have left us in terms of physical and cultural legacy. Our museum trips will include the extensive Vatican Museums, where we will also see the Sistine Chapel. The trip will provide students with an understanding of the challenges (and importance) of preserving one’s cultural heritage while maintaining a living city. We will explore the culture of modern Italy as well, particularly through afternoon and evening activities and events, such as neighborhood walks, outdoor concerts, shopping, and local festivals.


List of 9 items.

  • Minimum number of MHS students for the trip to run

    12. The cost of the trip will decrease, if more students sign up. Maximum number of students is 16.
  • Housing/Accommodations

    Housing and two meals a day will be provided by St. Stephen’s School, a well-respected international boarding school in Rome. During the summer months, St. Stephen’s hosts a number of high school and university groups who come to study. It is a very safe, secure campus (behind a wall with keypad entrance) with 24 hr. security in a quiet, residential area of the city. Since it is a boarding school, it also has laundry facilities, classrooms, a library, outdoor spaces to hang out, basketball and soccer fields, and IT resources.
  • Transportation

    We will meet at Boston Logan Airport, travel together by plane and use ground transportation while in Rome.  Families need to provide their own transportation to and from Logan Boston Airport.
  • Costs payable to MHS

    Total cost per student: $3105 per student, based on 12 students
  • Insurance

    The cost of the trip includes trip cancellation insurance and limited emergency medical coverage through Roamright, an international travel insurance company.  Detailed materials will be sent to all families.
  • Timeline of Payments

    • Payment #1 (November 15, 2016) families would need to make the first non-refundable* payment of $1,200.
    • Payment #2  (December 15, 2016) Non-refundable* payment of $1,200.
    • Payment #3  (January 15, 2017) Non-refundable* payment to cover  $705
    *see exceptions in Roamright insurance policy
  • This fee includes

    • Round trip airfare
    • Transportation to and from the destination and while in country
    • Housing and accommodations
    • breakfast and dinner meals
    • admission to museums and most historical sites
    • Gratuities for the tour director, city guides and driver
    • The cost of the trip includes limited emergency medical coverage and trip cancellation insurance through Roamright, an international travel insurance company.  
  • What is NOT included

    • Transportation to and from the airport. This has been generously provided by parents in the past. If parents are unable to volunteer, we will need to charge a fee to pay for a van to pick us up at both locations.
    • Special travel arrangements:  If your child will not be flying with us to Rome or you plan to have your child fly back from another destination, these arrangements need to be made by you and cannot interrupt the trip itinerary.
    • Families are responsible for making arrangements for accommodations and supervision for students between Commencement on Sunday, June 4, 2017 and the departure from Boston Logan International Airport on Saturday, June 17, 2017.
    • Daily lunch and student spending money. (Daily lunches are not included since they are often taken while walking the streets of a new location and cost will vary based on the student's preference. Recommended spending money: $100-300.)
  • Detailed (Tentative) Trip Itinerary

    Saturday June 17, 2017
    Boston Logan Airport
    Meet at Boston Logan Airport (note: students need to arrange to meet at Boston Logan Airport; students may decide to organize to depart as a group from MHS)
    Sunday, June 18
    arrive Rome, Fiumicino Airport
    Ground transportation to St. Stephen’s School
    Orientation to the School, the city, public transportation
    Monday, June 19
    Early Rome architecture walk
    Largo Argentina; Forum of Julius Caesar
    Tuesday, June 20
    National Museum: Palazzo Massimo
    Aquaducts at Porta Maggiore
    Domus Aurea
    Wednesday, June 21
    Roman Forum; Forum of Augustus
    Montemartini Capitoline Museum
    Thursday, June 22
    The Campus Martius; Mausoleum of Augustus
    Ara Pacis (Mussolini as destroyer/preserver of cultural heritage)
    Friday, June 23
    Capitoline Hill; Capitoline Museums
    Roman House
    Saturday, June 24
    Palatine Hill; Domitian’s Palace; Palatine Museum
    Sunday, June 25
    Trajan’s Markets
    Mausoleum of Hadrian
    Monday, June 26
    Baths of Caracalla
    Vatican Museums (to include Sistine Chapel)
    Tuesday, June 27
    Wednesday, June 28
    depart for Boston
492 Holmes Road • Pittsfield, MA 01201  (413) 443-6401

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