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Dr. Christopher Himes joined Miss Hall's in fall 2016 to provide vision and leadership for interdisciplinary STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). Together with other department chairs, Dr. Himes integrates classroom technologies that enhance teaching, learning and preparation for the future though our two signature programs: the Girls' Leadership Project and Horizons, a service and experiential learning program.
Dr. Himes describes how "STEAM" is used across all areas of study at MHS.


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  • Introduction to Computer Science

    This one-semester course is designed to introduce the fundamentals of computer science and programming. While exploring languages such as java script and HTML, students will develop computational thinking skills to critically approach and solve problems. Further, course content will be applied to student-led projects promoting social awareness and curiosity about global issues.
    Prerequisite: Algebra I
    Grade Level: 10-12
    (1/2 credit; first semester)
  • Computers and Programming

    This one-semester course provides deeper understanding of the field of computer science by surveying key features of programming (including loops, conditionals, functions, and data handling). Students will be introduced to object-oriented programming languages such as C++, Java, and Python. Students will be assessed on their knowledge of programming languages and developing programs to address a topic or issue selected by the class. Additionally, students will explore the connections among computing, design, ethics, and societal needs.
    Prerequisite: Introduction to Computer Science
    Grade Level: 10-12
    (1/2 credit; second semester)
  • Engineering and Society

    This one-semester course explores the fundamentals of the engineering design process and its application to societal issues, ethics, and social responsibilities. Over the course of the semester, students will work collaboratively to model and develop technologies that address real world, local, regional, and global issues.
    Grade Level: 10-12
    (1/2 credit; first semester)
  • Engineering Principles and Projects

    This one-semester course builds off of the design skills and societal issues explored in Engineering and Society. This one-semester course offers greater exploration of the design process while looking in detail at topics such as force, mechanical advantage, electrical systems, and materials. Students will design group projects and take a lead in their own learning by conducting research on a selected topic and testing solutions. Additionally, we will focus on a variety of fields within engineering (e.g.: mechanical, chemical, etc.)
    Prerequisite: Engineering & Society
    Grade Level: 10-12
    (1/2 credit; second semester)

    In this semester-long course, we will extend our knowledge on core concepts by exploring the intersection of these five disciplines; Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Drawing from the scientific practices, the engineering design process, mathematical problem solving, and the creative process, students will develop skills to apply their knowledge while creating, exploring, and developing technologies that enhance their understanding of the natural and human-made world.
    Grade Level: 10-12
    (1/2 credit; first semester)
  • Robotics II

    In this one-semester course, students will draw from their experience and knowledge from science and engineering courses to apply them to robotic design, programming, and ethics. Members of this course will engage in a combination of projects, instruction, and research to complete assigned work. This course will enable student teams to develop and implement solutions to presented challenges through engineering design and computer programming. Students will be assessed through their development of projects throughout the course by working with Lego Mindstorm and Tetrix systems.
    Prerequisite: Intro Physics: Robotics, Engineering and Society, or Introduction to Computer Science
    Grade Level: 10-12
    (1/2 credit; second semester)

Engineering and Tech Innovation in Action

  • STEAM Day - 4.19.18

    For the first MHS STEAM Day, students heard from two young entrepreneurs, alumna Lexi Sprague ’13, who has launched three startups, and Judy Zhu, founder of edtech startup Walla. The afternoon included design thinking, with some students tackling ways to create better backpacks and lockers and others working in teams to build towers.

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The department of Engineering and Technology Innovation is housed in Linn Hall, the new academic building completed in Fall of 2016. Find out more about the campus expansion.

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  • Christopher Himes Ph.D. 

    Director of Engineering & Technology Innovation / STEAM Coordinator
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492 Holmes Road • Pittsfield, MA 01201  (413) 443-6401

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