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Miss Hall's School MHS MentorsMHS Mentors are juniors and seniors who volunteer to help younger students adjust to boarding school life, particularly to the rigors of the Miss Hall’s academic program. Mentors offer guidance in planning, organization, learning strategies and skills, and time management. Their mission is to help mentees gain the tools to accomplish their goals, which are generally, but not exclusively, academic in nature.
The mentors are not tutors. Rather, they work with their mentees to help them adjust to boarding school life and support them as they discover the learning methods that best suit them. Mentors are also role models, and the relationship between mentor and mentee is collaborative and mutually beneficial in nature.
Mentor assistance often includes help with organizational strategies or specific study skills, such as note-taking and exam preparations. Mentors help mentees develop confidence in their relationships with teachers, learn how to navigate their studies in relation to their social life, practice self-advocacy in the classroom, and manage their adjustment to boarding school in general. Additionally, mentors often share their own personal experiences as students at Miss Hall’s with their mentees.
How it Works
• Juniors and seniors who want to become mentors apply for the program.
• Freshwomen and sophomores seeking mentors apply to have one assigned to them.
• Mentors and mentees are paired for an academic year. Mentors work with one mentee.
• Mentors and mentees meet at least once a week, typically for an hour. However, frequent, informal “check-ins” are not uncommon.
• Each week, the mentors meet to talk about future plans for the program and progress with their mentees.

“I have grown to have a great relationship with my mentee and I have learned some new coaching skills and different ways that I can approach a struggle.”
— From a Mentor
“I wanted to be a mentor because throughout my time here, I’ve had a lot of upperclasswomen who mentored me and helped me, and I wanted to share that with younger students.” — From a Mentor
“Freshwoman year, I had a mentor and found it very helpful, so I wanted to be able to pass that on.” — From a Mentor

    • Madison ’18, Lead Mentor

      Madison ’18, Lead Mentor

    • Tiffany ’18, Lead Mentor

      Tiffany ’18, Lead Mentor

    • Charlotte ’19

      Charlotte ’19

    • Shanti ’18

      Shanti ’18

    • Christy ’19

      Christy ’19

    • Emily ’18

      Emily ’18

    • Anna ’18

      Anna ’18

    • Elaina ’19

      Elaina ’19

“The mentor/mentee relationship is really rewarding. I have learned a lot from her, and I could also help her a lot, because I have been through exactly the same thing. To be able to help others is really rewarding.” — Amy ’17, Mentor

    • Shae ’18

      Shae ’18

    • Queen ’18

      Queen ’18

    • Emma ’18

      Emma ’18

    • Amy ’18

      Amy ’18

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