Girls' Leadership Project

Girls' Leadership Project Initiatives

The Girls’ Leadership Project (GLP) incorporates leadership education into every aspect of the Miss Hall’s college-preparatory program. It is central to our belief that girls need to learn and practice skills required for success in college and beyond. Part of our approach has also been to incorporate a variety of special projects into our work.

Current Projects

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  • Horizons

    Horizons is Miss Hall’s School’s experiential, service-learning and internship program that provides MHS students with opportunities to volunteer and intern each week at local social service and cultural organizations, businesses, and professional offices.
  • MAPS

    The mission of MAPS (Mira’s Alliance for Philanthropic Sustainability) is to create and promote a collaborative, sustainable philanthropic model at Miss Hall's, working with students who are interested in creating awareness about causes they support. Much of MAPS' work takes place during Thursday Horizons time.
  • The GLP Working Group

    The GLP Working Group is charged with identifying the pertinent language and actions that support the development of leadership in our academic and student life programs.
  • Team 9

    Team 9 is a collaboration of teachers and student life staff who focus on academic and social issues pertinent to ninth-graders. Developmentally relevant initiatives are planned to support ninth-grade progression toward personal authority and leadership.
  • The MHS Faculty Seminar

    The MHS Faculty Seminar supports the goal of strengthening the learning environment for girls at MHS. Teachers in the Seminar share insights on teaching girls, study and discuss what is essential in creating environments that nurture girls’ learning and their developing coping skills and resilience, and design ways to integrate principles of girls’ leadership into the classroom.
  • Board of Visitors

    Convened annually on the Miss Hall’s campus, the Board of Visitors provides a venue for an exchange of ideas on the future of education in this country, specifically the education of girls and young women. The annual dialogue informs the School's ongoing work with students.
  • Woman of Distinction

    The Miss Hall’s School Woman of Distinction Award was established in 2005. The award is presented to a woman who is nationally recognized for achievements in her field, for her success in raising awareness of topics related to gender, and for her commitment to advancing the role of women in the world.
  • Philanthropic Round Table

    In 1997 Miss Hall's School established the Philanthropic Round Table (PRT) to raise the level of discourse on women and philanthropy. Meeting in New York annually in April, a small group of women and men, who have deep and broad personal experience in philanthropy, have a conversation to share their beliefs and insights.
  • The Norris Center

    Established in honor of former Head of School Jeannie Norris, the Norris Center for Girls’ & Women’s Leadership & Philanthropy creates opportunities to connect the work of the School to the experience of girls and women in the world beyond MHS and helps underwrite many of the initiatives undertaken under the auspices of the GLP.

"Leaders not only go their own way but also inspire other people to follow them and to become leaders themselves."

— Josie

MAPS: Watch the Video

    • MAPS at MHS

      At MHS: MAPS

      Mira’s Alliance for Philanthropic Sustainability (MAPS) is a student-led group that educates the MHS community about philanthropy and practices sustainable philanthropy through micro-lending, micro-grants, and contributions to similar organizations.

Past Project

A 45-minute documentary produced by Miss Hall's School, "A Seat at the Table" chronicles the efforts of six students as they seek answers to their questions about leadership from a roster of impressive women leaders.

Click to watch the film and learn more.

Previous GLP Initiatives

PAaLS (the Personal Authority and Leadership Source) began as a club in 2002 and later evolved as a seminar that promoted girls’ leadership through research, raising awareness, and skill-building.
Leadership Survey in Cosmogirl! magazine
In 2005, in collaboration with The White House Project and Cosmogirl! Magazine, conducted a national survey, and 1,623 teenagers responded to the “What Would You Do?” survey of Personal Authority & Leadership in Teens.
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