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The world of college admission has changed dramatically in the past ten years as the boomlet generation, the generation to which your daughter belongs, is passing through the system. Colleges are flooded with applications, and if that alone were not enough to increase the competition, national rankings of colleges and universities have added another layer of difficulty. What this means for parents and girls is that the college admission process must be fully understood and managed well in order for the outcome to be favorable. MHS's College Counseling Office exists to help families manage the process well.

The approach we use is centered on establishing a partnership. Girls will take the lead in the process, and parents are key advisors to their daughters in the multitude of decisions that need to be made about college choices. The College Counseling Office provides the organization and the plan for bringing everyone together, thus ensuring that the process is efficient and thorough and that everyone is working as a team.
Miss Hall's graduates attend small colleges and large universities in rural areas and big cities. We are pleased that most of our graduates stay at their first-choice school all four years, which means they made the right choice. 

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Located in the Berkshires in western Massachusetts, Miss Hall's School is an all girls private, college preparatory boarding and day high school for grades 9-12.
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