Tuition and Financial Aid

4. File is considered by Financial Aid Committee

Once the Financial Aid Committee has determined that the application is complete and accurate, they will meet to determine the most appropriate award for your family based on the calculated need.

Our Financial Aid Committee uses the SSS methodolgy as a starting point for our analysis of your ability to contribute to any tuition payments made to Miss Hall's.

The process starts when you complete and submit the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) to SSS. Through the PFS, SSS gathers family and financial information that it applies to a formula to estimate the resources your family may have available to pay school costs.

Simply stated, the formula considers your income, what you own (your house and other investments), what you owe (your mortgage and other debts), the size of your family, and how many family members are enrolled in tuition-charging schools or colleges.

You submit the completed PFS to SSS for processing. After making allowances for basic necessities, taxes, and certain other expenses, SSS figures out what portion of your remaining funds is available to pay Miss Hall's School tuition. Then the service provides the results of the analysis to us as a recommendation on your ability to pay.

Once we have received this analysis, we look through your application materials and make certain adjustments based on our own policies.  We take into account specific pieces of information like where you live and work, insight into your family situation from conversations and notes you have included, and whether your family is applying as a day student, an international student, or a baording student; we all pay special attention to your submitted Monthly Income-Expenses (MIE) information and your own offer.  Members of the Financial Aid Committee work through all of the numbers very carefully and come to a number that we are going to bring to the full Committee for review.

On a regular basis, throughout the application season, the Financial Aid Committee meets to discuss all applying students and approve or adjust those recommendations.

If you would like more information about the make-up of the Financial Aid Committee, the process by which SSS makes their initial calculation, or how your own specific situation will be reviewed by the Committee, please contact James Eberhart with your questions.
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