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Cross-country is an exciting sport for students of all athletic levels who seek a collective outdoor activity to push themselves. Stay active, make new friends and have fun! 

Cross-Country Team Philosophy and Objectives

Team building and making new friends are usually the first stages the students experience. The diversity of levels makes it rewarding for all team members. Through positive reinforcement and genuine effort, the beginners can quickly see noticeable improvements. For the students who have started at a higher level, the push to stay as such is their focus.

During meets and invitationals (each weekend for 10 weeks), both individual and team scores (times) matter. Therefore, newcomers can take their time adjusting to the volume and intensity without the pressure of having to perform at a cross country high level. Throughout the season, the selected students have the opportunity to observe the arrays of participants from different schools (all girls, all boys, co-ed) and measure their level differently while competing against certain schools. The results differ greatly as well.
Objectives for the athletes are as follows:
  • To develop skills (breathing, running longer distances)
  • To learn patience
  • To develop a spirit for the team
  • To make healthy life choices (good eating and sleeping habits)
  • Rewarding the students with fun while practicing
  • To learn how to be kind to their body and remain injury free
Winning a race is not the ultimate goal; although it surely feels good and goes a long way in hleping build their confidence. But teaching them the competition in a healthy way (balance of genuine efforts and positive attitude) is the most important.

Cross-Country Achievements

  • 2011-12: All-New England: Megan Grace ’12, 12th Place in the 67th Annual NEPSTA Division III Championships
  • 2010-11: All-New England: Megan Grace ’12, 15th Place in the 2010 NEPSTA Division IV Cross-Country Championships
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