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2014 Alumnae Weekend - May 16-18, 2014
We are looking forward to welcoming classes ending in 4 and 9 at Alumnae Weekend on Friday, May 16, Saturday, May 17, and Sunday, May 18, 2014.  Make your plans today to return for your Reunion to reminisce, revisit old haunts, and create new memories with your classmates.

Weekend Fees
Includes all on campus meals and activities
$125 per adult ($40 classes of 2004-2013)

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Alumnae Award Nominations
Archival Photos from Reunion Classes
2014 Alumnae Weekend Attendance
The following individuals have let us know they hope to attend 2014 Alumnae Weekend!  Check your calendar and register today if you hope to join them.

Updated April 22, 2014
italics=officially registered for the weekend

Class of 1949

Reunion Chair

Judy Hill Kittredge

Class of 1954

Reunion Co-Chairs
Dottie Woods McLeod
Bunny Humpreys Watts

Class of 1959

Reunion Chair
Ellie Ellsworth
Betsy Moore

Also Planning to Attend
Meg Holmes Robbins
Martha Wheelock

Class of 1964

Reunion Co-Chairs
Kip Searle Abbott
Michele Dobbins Dodge
Carolie Rutter Frazer
Robin Whiting Hall
Patsy Sheldon McCook
Courtenay Compton McGowen
Terry Thompson
Marcia Whitney
Suzanne Wilson

Also Planning to Attend
Vicky Phillips Boyd
Barbara Crane
Mary Crosby Dolan
Gail Dubois
Pamela Browning Durrant
Nancy Henderson Hood
Olivia Scott Hurd
Ada Engelmann Johnson
Ebets Wesson Judson
Marian Bruen Marrin
Sally Pierson
Jeannette Watson Sanger
Peetie French Van Etten
Julia "Gordie" Campbell Villalon
Doris Catlin Yates
Kathy Sherman Zins

Class of 1969
Reunion Chair
Maddie Bronson Dugan
Tricia Casey Shepherd

Also Planning to Attend
Shelley Branham Miars

Class of 1974
Reunion Co-Chairs
Holly Barnum
Carolyn (Kelly) Green
Laura Harris

Joanne Quattrochi

Also Planning to Attend
Catherine Leuchs Bohrman
Katherine Pryor Burgeson
Mary Mullen

Lulie Munson

Margaret Green Wheeler

Class of 1979
Reunion Chair
Missy Marcure Green

Class of 1984

Reunion Co-Chairs
Carla Wilkinson Bellemare
Yolanda Diaz Blackman
Margery Chapin Carr
Wendy Rohrbacher

Also Planning to Attend
Aymie Schwartz Berkley
Mindy Wiener Essrog
Rebecca Kline

Mary Elizabeth Lake
Hope Henchey Scully
Suzanne Cook
Wendy Ballantine Wills
Stuart Zuckerman

Class of 1989

Reunion Co-Chairs
Jenn Dean Durning
Sarah Ginn Harris
Emily Payne
Cornelia Knight Woods

Also Planning to Attend
Kip Searle Abbott
Becca Hajjar
Amy Van Sickle Ober
Emily Payne
Darcey Kozaka Robinson
Stacey Sotirhos
Nina Cabot Whiting

Amy Church Wood

Class of 1994

Reunion Co-Chairs
Kim Boland
lik Farlow
Chris Tomeo
Kris Krieg Vallandingham

Also Planning to Attend
Laura Kontes Ames
Margot Koenig Dyches
Bryn Hess
Gillian Myerberg Polsky
Maude Mikulewicz Rich
Sarah Bingiel Smith
Jennifer Newton Wong

Class of 1999

Reunion Chair
Jessica Rufo

Also Planning to Attend

Nani Sinha

Class of 2004
Reunion Co-Chairs
Alicia Bonner Ness
y Platt
Kristine Schlachter
Alison Uttermann

Also planning to attend
Heather Finch Centrella
Tess Daly
Emma Graham
Danielle Cormier Hoey
Marcia Miller

Anna Grace Peterson

Class of 2009

Reunion Co-Chairs
Julia Lockyer
Tsega Meshesha
Catie Moulton
Lauren Stair
Lindley Wells

Also Planning to Attend
Daisey Anglow
Thasha Brignol
Lydia Corcoran
Charlotte Crane
Tricia Fajen
Ariel Fusini
Hester Godfrey
Amanda Klay
Kayla Lawrence
Chantel McKinney
Leah Regan

Located in the Berkshires in western Massachusetts, Miss Hall's School is a private, college preparatory boarding and day school for girls in grades 9-12. The School inspires and encourages each girl to pursue the highest standards of learning and character; to contribute boldly and creatively to the common good; and to seek a purposeful life based on honor, respect, growth, and personal authenticity.