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A Widening Circle of Friends
We launched the Go Far, Go Together Campaign with an invitation to join one of our Giving Circles, alliances that encourage broad participation in this important initiative.
Members of Giving Circles gave gifts for general operating support and program, gifts for construction and endowment, and planned gifts, such as bequests and trusts, all of which will be counted in the campaign. Circles met twice
annually and at other times by conference call so that members could stay actively informed about the latest school developments, work together on the School’s behalf, discuss related topics, and enjoy each other’s company.
Alumnae, parents, volunteers, and other friends of the School—we all go far, when we go together.
Pillar Giving Circle
Jacqueline B. Mars ’57, Chair
Anne Meyer Cross ’37
Laura H. Harris ’74
Susan P. O’Day ’77
Bonnie Campbell Perkins ’57
Patricia Manley Smith ’55
Theresa S. Thompson ’64
Cornerstone Giving Circle

Alice Butler Burnham ’65, co-Chair
Robin Brown Woods ’58, co-Chair
Karen Lemons Hollins ’87
Kate Bicknell Luzius '58
Cynthia Firman Webster ’63
Suzanne Wilson ’64
Arches Giving Circle

Terry Triest Guylay ’59, co-Chair
Virginia Breene Wickwire ’67, co-Chair
Dorothy Browning P’07
Sue Rowland Chollet ’62
Sally Manny Cross ’40
Angela W. Fowler ’73
Kate and Brehon S. Griswold P’09
Louise Safe Mauran Groton ’52
Gale Robb Guild ’53
Whit and Roby Harrington GP’09, GP’11
Faith Low Humann ’60
Jane Joukowsky P’13
Linda Gordon Kendall ’57
Melissa A. Leonhardt ’76
Lee Auchincloss Link ’61
Paula Wood Loud ’65
Courtenay Compton McGowen ’64
L. Taylor Mudge
Kathleen Oliver Parker ’43*
Sarah and Christopher Pope P’07
Dorothy MacColl Woodcock ’60
Edith Stetson Yovu ’67

Heritage Society— 187 Members
Natalie Cook Culley ’62, co-Chair
Theresa S. Thompson ’64, co-Chair

* deceased
Keystone Giving Circle

Susan Howard Canada ’68, co-Chair
Stacey Sotirhos ’89, co-Chair
Caroline C. Amory ’76
Eva Seed Auchincloss '51
Nancy Gustafson Ault ’73
Joan Brooks Baker ’62
Wendy Sprole Bangs ’63
     (The Knapp Fund)
Martha D. Bullock ’81
Julia and Mark Casady
     (One Step Forward Education Foundation)
Barbara J. Cooperman ’73
Natalie Cook Culley '62
M. Hope Dean ’65
Susan L. Dick
Sally Reeves Edmonds ’51
Carolie Rutter Frazer '64
Adrianna Zuill Goodfellow ’57
Beth Grumbacher ’89
Lorraine Nichols Higbie ’49
Pamela and John W. Humphrey P’00
Stephanie Lawlor Kadnar ’90
Claudette de Clairville Lauren ’58
Mary Deming Ledyard ’58
Florence K. Millar ’40
Sarah Daniels Morse ’67
Patricia Parker Mueller ’78
Jeannie Norris H’62, H’12 and Peter Norris
Patrick and Amanda Groves Outerbridge ’75, P’01, P’06
Sally Gooch Paynter ’51
Patricia W. Peters ’68
Sarah Daniels Pettit ’40
Renia and Charles Platt P’04
Stacy Kirk Reich ’90
Catherine Samuels ’65
Nancy Megowen Shane ’51
Patricia Casey Shepherd ’69
Sinclair Siragusa ’82
Sandra Roe Smith ’56
Clare Chester Stone '58
Priscilla and John J. Turcik P’08
Cornelia Cabot Whiting ’89
Mary E. Wilcox ’70
Amy Church Wood ’89
Jane Beach Zalman ’64

“Friends, you and me... you brought another friend... and then there were three... we started our group... our circle of friends... and like that circle... there is no beginning or end.”

Eleanor Roosevelt, G'54, G'60


Located in the Berkshires in western Massachusetts, Miss Hall's School is a private, college preparatory boarding and day school for girls in grades 9-12. The School inspires and encourages each girl to pursue the highest standards of learning and character; to contribute boldly and creatively to the common good; and to seek a purposeful life based on honor, respect, growth, and personal authenticity.